Two Types of Logistics Jobs ? Freight Jobs and Warehouse Jobs

The word “logistics” is derived from the Greek word, “logos,” meaning ‘reason’, ‘ratio’, or ‘rationality.’ Logistics jobs are therefore those that involve calculations, and problems to which there are concrete solutions. If you want to contribute to the success of a company, but are not that keen on a desk job, logistics jobs are a good choice for you.

There are many jobs that come under the broader classification of logistics jobs. To help you decide if a job in logistics is what you need, we will briefly describe two basic types of logistics jobs below– Freight jobs and Warehouse Jobs:

Freight Jobs: These jobs are involved with the transportation of goods and products from one place to another. This does not mean simply driving a truck or goods vehicle; though such jobs do come under the bigger category of freight jobs, there are a lot of other jobs that in this field. For instance, there are fleet managers, who control and keep an eye on the movements of the trucks and other carriers involved in the process of freight transportation. They could also coordinate the details of picking up goods from warehouses and factories.

Another type of freight job is that of freight brokers. They help small and medium size companies, who can’t afford to develop their own transportation/delivery system, get in touch with freight services providers. Then we have the jobs of drivers or deliverymen. They have the job of safely delivering the freight assigned to them to designated locations.

Other freight jobs include hub manager, customs brokerage clerks and sales support executive. Freight jobs can be further subdivided according to the type of freight such as air freight, road freight, or train freight.

Warehouse Jobs: As the name suggests, warehouse jobs are based in a warehouse. A warehouse is a place where goods and products are stored after manufacture, before they are shipped out. The types of jobs available in warehouses can range from managerial posts to that of courier persons. These can be divided into skilled and general labor jobs, and administrative jobs.  

Every warehouse needs skilled labor of different types. For instance, forklift operators, material handlers and tractor trailer drivers are needed for moving and transporting goods within the warehouse. Tradesmen skilled in different types of machine repair are essential for the correct storage and maintenance of the merchandise. Other skilled trades like refrigeration, auto mechanics and pneumatic operations may also be needed.

General laborers perform duties like loading and unloading products, packing and labeling them and some minor assembly work. It is essential that you are physically fit, as these duties involve a lot of heavy lifting, walking and standing.

Administrative jobs are another type of warehouse jobs. These involve clerical and support functions. There is a wide variety of posts in areas like customer service, data entry, contracts and accounting. Other positions more specific to the warehouse industry include dispatching, inventory and safety administration.

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adminTwo Types of Logistics Jobs ? Freight Jobs and Warehouse Jobs

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