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There are a variety of media today available and each has numerous job opportunities available. Media may include Press (newspapers, magazines), radio, TV, films, and finally web or internet. All forms of media are used by various companies to suit their budgets and target audience. To cater to these large formats, a number of media jobs are available and though these may be in various disparate areas, but in common these jobs are referred to as media jobs. Let us see some of the type of media jobs normally found:

Editorial: Editors typically create content for a wide variety of audiences or publications, depending on the viewer or readership profile. Editors play a very important role in that they create opinions and perceptions in the viewer; hence a matured and balanced approach is the best. While some editors work on freelance basis some are salaried employees of the media firm. Strong written communication with a flair for journalism is ideal.
Marketing: This role is the breadwinner of the organization. They mainly are tasked to promote a company’s products or services and generate revenue. These professionals have to work closely with advertising or PR executives and create campaigns to generate positivity in the market about the product. He is the link between the ad agency and the client.
Advertising:  Advertising works with all other segments of the media industry, since it is through them that their work is displayed. The advertising professionals create and sell ads, as per customer requirements, to newspapers, TV or magazines. There are related jobs in ad making too, like copy writers or image professionals.
Design: Almost all media work is today digitised; hence good graphic designers are in great demand. They create the layout of the magazines or newspapers and set the ads for necessary visibility.
Broadcast engineers: These are typical electrical engineers who operate, maintain and repair hardware in a TV or radio station.
Media Producer: The producer in a TV, radio or film is a critical job and indeed the backbone of the media industry. They are involved from conception to completion of the event, including marketing of the project. He also arranges for the finances.
Floor manager: He is responsible to manage all the equipments and props at production location.  He also arranges for rehearsals and communicates directions to the floor director.
Sound Technician: This job manages all sound equipment and recordings at the studio and ensures corruption less sound recordings. All media types (except print) require sound technicians.
Program Researcher: These researcher deals with the creative part of the production by incorporating fresh ideas into the programs. He is expected to do planning, coordinating and researching on all aspects of the program and ensure a smooth process.

In the media industry there are various types of jobs and many are in the back-end, which are as enjoyable and satisfying. It is however necessary to decide on your aptitude and focus on that form of media.

Advertising works with all other segments of the media industry, since it is through them that their work is displayed.

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