UNC Stripper Prank Consequences

UNC Stripper Prank Consequences

UNC senior Dylan Moore is facing disciplinary action after dropping his drawers to “drop” a class he wasn’t actually enrolled in.
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Just a lil spur of the moment stripper tip vid cuz i get lots of requests for these types of vids!! I hope you guys enjoy and learn something !!! Thank u for…

adminUNC Stripper Prank Consequences

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  1. Sensai S

    also, how do you talk to your guests? im really shy at first so i’m trying
    to think of better ways to talk to them

  2. Jen Hunts

    Can you make another video showing how to do the clock thing with your legs
    im still tryna get it down thanx and make.more videos you rock

  3. Jasmine batson

    You should teach us how to talk. And how to talk without sounding pushing
    or impatient. Luv videos. Keep it up xox

  4. Daniela Puente

    Thank you girly for the tips, they really helped me, and my husband loved
    it! . ♥
    I hope to meet you one day so you can teach me some moves but in person!.
    Love, and keep doing what your doing, bc your good at it!. ♥♡

  5. Raye Delicado

    What are those stockings called? Love them!! They are higher than all of
    the thigh highs I have found. I can’t find them anywhere!

  6. Stacy_cakes_23

    I just found your channel. Thank gawd. I’m starting my audition Tomorrow
    and I’m super scared. I have no clue what to do when I’m on stage (first
    song is just dance, 2nd is taking top off) :(. How do I start taking my top
    off and be sexy about it? I just have a million questions but in so nervous
    I can’t think of them. :( 

  7. EddieRoo11

    I’ve picked up on some really good moves & clothes to wear :) do you have
    any suggestions for hair or makeup??
    p.s. I’m dancing for my husband.

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