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Website Design is a symbol or an image of a company. Commonly, people identify the company’s image with their website, so it should be awesome, unique and faultless. The website should leave an impression on every visitor and they should never forget the design of the website. I think this is big achievement for every web designer and for the owner of the website.

Here are a few suggestions for building  a good website design. I’ll strongly advise you to read this as a suggestion and use your observation with it so it can be a great and unique website design.

•  User Interface or Navigation: User interface is the biggest part of every successful web design. It should be easy and user friendly. Design your website the way user can discover your whole website properly. Your navigation menu should be at the top of the page and easy to identify. It should contain clear text with a matching website theme. You must consider using few effects  while creating a website like roll over or mouse hover effects, easy drop down and sub category under drop down menus. If there is less space or the screen is small then you can use wide drop down menus. These are small pointers but they do matter, so next time consider these points while creating a website.  
•  Design Layout: Layout is a major part of every website. It should be done according to the requirement and theme of the website. It cannot be pre-planned, because you have to understand the requirement of the client as what they need to showcase or what services they would  be offering.  Try to spend some time on designing the layout before creating a website. You can also check some good samples on internet and pick the best pointers out of them. After observing a few designs/layouts you’ll be able to create a solid layout.
•  Alignment:  Alignment makes the website appear more accurate and also shows that you are a professional web designer. We should not compromise with the alignment, as it shows our skill level. Use good line spacing and you can control it in CSS with “line-height” selector. Also use padding well; padding is the space between text and element. By using padding accurately, visitors can read the text more clearly and search engines also regard this. By considering these little things we can create a good and unique website.   
•  Consistency: It means everything should be matched with the theme of the website e.g. font, heading size, coloring, menu style, button style, logo, illustration, images etc. Everything should be similar and should look like the part of theme. You can easily add CSS as it adds great advantage to build a good brand of the website.

I hope the above tips will help you to create unique and impressive website design. All you need to do is just, concentrate on these steps and I believe you can create one of the best Website Design in Australia.

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