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We are currently comprised of 3 DJ’s and 43 dancers ages ranging from 19 to 30. My wife Lika Kohn, affectionately known as “Momma”, and myself put this wonde…

Misty Copeland - I WILL WHAT I WANT

Misty Copeland’s destiny was not to be a ballerina. But will trumps fate. Follow the Under Armour I WILL WHAT I WANT movement at http://www.IWILLWHATIWANT.com.
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adminWhat was I Thinking Line Dance by Premier Entertainment Dance Team

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  1. Jean-Claude Nicolas

    I don’t get it.. hundreds of white, Hispanic, and Asian girls get declined
    every year. Why do they always have to make it about race. They have a
    criteria that you must meet and she didn’t meet it. They can’t give
    EVERYONE who applies a chance then it wouldn’t be as rewarding. Now because
    of that rejection she probably worked harder and is were she is now. When a
    black person doesn’t get something it is not because of racism EVRYTIME!!

  2. TheGreatMandalore

    Hahahaha. wait. Hahahaha. ” I WILL WHAT I WANT” ? i hope its a joke?
    Everybody knows that in the case of ballet is “I WILL WHAT MY PARENTS WANT”
    And stop making art/sport something extraordinary?! Its just a repetitive
    thing. If i would bash my head 100x a day for 10 years i would be a master
    in bashing my head. 

  3. Davis R Callaway

    Ballet has no point system, no referee, no judges, no opponents. It is not
    a sport.

    Its a talent. It is impressive. Its also unfortunate that hot dog eating is
    a sport and ballet isn’t, but we cannot change reality to suit our

  4. kaygirl2016

    Honestly, I am terrified of her getting injured in ballet because her legs
    look so thin. I could be completely wrong, but it looks kind of like I can
    see her bones. Of course, I’ve never really watched ballet before, so maybe
    her legs are supposed to look like that.

  5. Jennifer Ouellette

    Misty Copeland Proves Ballerinas Are Strong as Sports’ Toughest Athletes.
    Yeah, it’s an ad for Under Armour. But this woman is amazing. :)

  6. Taron Young

    I read some of the comments and have to say there are some points to be
    made on both sides concerning race. Many do not fit in the video’s context,
    but points were expressed.

    I think that understanding perspectives and real dialogue can help move us
    beyond race. I did not see the video focusing on race. I saw it focusing on
    breaking barriers (body type and age when she started). Our misunderstood
    and or mis-applied race sensitivities always have us Americans to pause,
    stop, and yell when ever we see race.

    (What I mean here is that people saw that she was not white and assumed
    something. Never did the narrator mention here race, you did YouTube

    And because of that we missed the REAL accomplishment.

    This is an United States of America dilemma. 

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