Why a Babysitting Agency is Vital

Why a Babysitting Agency is Vital

Finding a reliable and qualified child sitter these days is exasperating. Past are the days when families could simply phone the teen up the block to stop by and entertain for the night. Even apparently down to earth, clean cut teens or young adults may not be what they communicate. In a particular documented situation, a babysitter called Ashley left the house in a mess, stole sixty five dollars from a kid’s piggybank, grabbed a check made out for a couple thousand smackeroos, and took a diamond, ruby heart necklace. Then she had the craziness to state that the parents had paid her the check for her reliable babysitting.

I am a grandma of three young kids: twin girls who are 4 years of age and a boy who is six. I fill in the gaps when their father needs to work later or is slated to work on Saturdays. I can’t imagine how I would feel about allowing the children with anyone else, let alone an unknown individual. Times have transformed so radically and there are lots of terrifying questions ideal moms and dads must inquire about before they can hand over their child or children to another person.

This is why more and more dads and/or moms are going through a babysitting organization to find sitters. Yes, it may be a bit more expensive, but be aware of what a legit, fine agency is offering:

First of all, they are most likely introducing you to a babysitter who has filled out an extensive application and a person that they’ve individually questioned. They’re looking for a person who loves hanging out with children, someone who is professional, warm, friendly, fun, and energetic. Instead of scarfing your food and staring down the television while your kids rampage through the house, a really good sitter converses with the children, plays games with them if the children desire, and makes certain they’re not endangering themselves or those around them.

Secondly, a fine company has placed the sitter through a country wide background check for criminal history, which includes sexually related offenses and credit history. The sitter must have driver’s license, proof of car insurance, and a vehicle in excellent condition. Added to these checkpoints, they have to be child/infant CPR and First Aid certified.

I realize your first reaction might be, “Why don’t we simply phone a friend of a friend cheap and just hope against hope that everything will go alright.” But, really, how much are your kids worth to you? How important is their welfare? How would you feel if they were completely ignored, endangered, or actually attacked in some manner? Yes, you’re right on this one. Our young ‘uns are everything to us, so we ought to be willing and able to travel the extra mile to make certain that the babysitting time is always a positive and healthy one for the kids.

Debra Fortosis owns a babysitting/nanny staffing agency that serves the region of Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida. She loves children and is a child protection advocate.

Check out Debra’s website http://www.elitefamilycare.com



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