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People who face the botheration of cargo transportation from point A to point B for the first time may initially anticipate that it is abundant to accept the a lot of acceptable bus line approach and to pay than to artlessly pay for the service. However trading is the task which cannot be approached superficially.

In case when many things are their like delivery time, cargo integrity and rates, it is better to address a logistics company. Such companies’ professional employees know everything about the documents necessary for goods transportation nationally and across the boarders, they are competent in questions of customs clearance, know exactly what kind of transport is better for a certain cargo delivery to a certain place and are capable of accurately estimating the cost of the service. One of such companies is Global Econo Trade (Pvt.) Limited, which operates on the Pakistani market from many years. The company will offer cargo insurance (optional yet strongly recommended), tracking information like cargo delivery progress. Dispatch or storage of cargo also makes part from the services rendered by this logistics companies.

If you intend to take the services provided by a trading company you should make sure that you’ve got all necessary documents for the entire consignment of goods which are to be transported, determine terms in which cargo must be delivered. Let’s determine types of transportation. Transportation may be international, long distance and local.

International transportation is more complex and is connected with customs documentation and Customs inspection of cargo. Global Econo Trade (Pvt.) Limited have qualified specialists who deal with problems of customs documentation.

Transportation also may be multimodal and intermodal Global Econo Trade (Pvt.) Limited offers organization and carrying out of both kinds of transportation.

Intermodal transportation represents cargo transportation by the means of one or several kinds of transport without reloading cargo when transport is changed. Multimodal transportation means that during cargo transportation change of transport takes place. For example, first cargo is transported first by railroad, and then it is shifted to a truck for further transportation.

The most common modes of transportation are: railroad transportation, which is convenient for transportation of high volume cargo, heavy and large-size equipment on distances exceeding 400 kilometers. An important advantage of the railroad transport is that it is weatherproof. It is not recommended to transport expensive finished products by railways. Road haulage is the most convenient type of transportation. Its advantages are: mobility, universality and possibility do deliver cargo “door-to-door”. Sea cargo transportation is a type of transportation which is relatively cheap. Mainly sea transport is used in international cargo transportation.

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