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Accounts jobs are one of the highest paying jobs and probably the one sector which has the ability to work well even during recession. The reason being, whether a company is doing well or not, it requires an accountant to manage the finances of the business. The key areas in accounting careers are audit, budget analysis, financial and management accounting. One may have an accounting career in either a public accounting firm (Professional Practice), Government, Corporations (Commerce & Industry) or independents. However getting into an accounting job has become difficult due to the increasing number of extremely qualified candidates. The requirement for getting a job like this is a degree in accounts or a related field.

Accounting jobs require a lot of teamwork, leadership and charisma. Companies like Edward Jones Limited, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Capital One and Bank of America are good options for finance graduates. As for choosing the right type of job here are some tips:

Those who excel in accountancy may further their careers within Finance Management and give financial & strategic level advice to companies. Accountancy jobs also offer the position of Corporate Treasurers who are mainly concerned with the budgeting and keeping track of high level finance / money.

Then there is the role of Investment Bankers who provide finances for different government agencies as well as private institutions and companies. There are also Investment Analysts who are involved in research work for gathering information regarding different investment opportunities and provide this to the Fund Managers.

Commodity Brokers are in charge of purchases and sales of physical commodities. Accountancy jobs can also lead you to work as Investment Fund Managers who provide you with relevant information and you use that to assist your client on where they should invest their money. After deciding the type of job that you want to pursue you may also decide the sector you wish to go in namely

Professional Practice : These firms generally provide accounting services to individuals, businesses and government. A professional practice firm is normally a group of accountants who work in a partnership. It is a great field for starting a career within Accountancy, as it gives you a strong foundation before moving into a specialist area or commerce and industry.

Government : Government accountants may work at any level of government. They prepare budgets, track costs and analyse government initiatives. Being an employee of the Government used to be the safest job prospect. However one may have to face a downside in the form of bureaucracy and political arguments, as well as current cuts in departments.

Corporations : Every business whether big or small has to prepare financial statements, tracks costs, handle tax returns, and works on major transactions. They need people who are strong finance leaders and professional accountants.. The prospects of growth in these firms are SUPERB!

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