Tanya Lopez’s submission for Mind Valleys Events Director position – The World’s Most Awesome Job.
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  1. Sam Clitheroe

    Woah, this is great.

    I just sent in my Mindvalley video, and I wish I would have watched yours
    beforehand! Awesome job with the leap of faith.

  2. adriana21unauna

    This is so inspiring Tanya!!! You deserve this job and much more!!
    Blessings to you and your journeys!!! Hope you land this job! Adri
    aka..Angie’s friend!! xo!!

  3. Ahmed Amer

    Great video Tanya!! I’m glad we crossed path and wish for you all the best
    in all future endeavours. Keep on doing it you are inspiring alot of dreams

  4. Tanya Lopez

    Thanks so much for your comments and support, this is a hugely exciting
    opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it takes me :)

  5. Luis Lopez

    Amazing video, great presentation! I am so proud of you and extremely
    pleased to see that you continue following your dreams – no matter where
    they take you. I know you will do great, and as I have always told you, I
    don’t wish you luck because you are making your own luck. Tons of love, Pa

  6. Amanda Mayr

    Tanya – awesome, awesome video. It must be surreal to watch a video of what
    you’ve achived and the journey you’ve been on in the last two years. you’re
    such inspiration. keep on living girl!

  7. MegaDiva52

    Watched the video and it is amazing !! Tanya your charisma is great and the
    camera loves your face.I was fascinated with all you have to say and just
    wish it could have been longer I was so into it.It felt like reading a
    great book and not wanting to put it down.You have always set your goals
    very high and have achieved every single one and more.Always follow your
    dreams and go with your gut,you have done amazing things with your
    life.Please update me on anything you do.

  8. ohworldgirl

    Hey Tanya – did you get the job? I thought your vid was miles ahead of the
    others I’ve seen so far. Well spoken, thorough and with a great authentic
    feel. I love that you guys have Trey Songz’s Bottom’s up instrumental
    playing in the background. That also was a plus lol!

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