Would you date a stripper?

Would you date a stripper?

Leave a comment below if you’d date a stripper and if so would you try to get them to stop if you ended up in a serious relationship? Check out my website Ho…

adminWould you date a stripper?

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  1. Tony Jackman

    I would not! I’m not a prude but that sort of thing is not for me. I
    wouldn’t watch, participate or be in a relationship with someone who did.

  2. Mike Angelette

    By dating a stripper, if you mean being in a relationship with one, then
    no. It’s one thing if you’re just going out for a drink or even coffee with
    a stripper with no strings attached, commitments or expectations of
    eachother. But being in a committed relationship with one would be rather
    compromising. So that would be a deal breaker for me.

  3. Jerry Shonkjerry

    Been there, done that! It wasn’t nothin long term, just a fling! Most men
    would if given the chance! Don’t let em kid ya G!

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