Your First Night as a Stripper with Cheetahs San Diego GM Barry Bogart

Your First Night as a Stripper with Cheetahs San Diego GM Barry Bogart You will learn the best way to make your first impression in getting hired at the best strip club, making sure your strippe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 A DancerWealth Graduate discusses her results with the Step by Step Stripping Ebook.

adminYour First Night as a Stripper with Cheetahs San Diego GM Barry Bogart

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  1. TheGreatAmphibian

    Jennifer -
    You are in that very small group of people with faces good to survive being
    shot from above – but even you would look better with the camera at or
    below eye level. I can tell why your camera person has done this – he/she’s
    trying to give you the sunset and the sea as a background, but even a
    slightly raised camera will make look shorter, less powerful and less sexy.
    You’re the star, not the background! So shoot with easier light conditions.
    MUCH closer in on your face would be good too, but using a short telephoto
    for the right perspective. Your face is a terrific asset – I’d want it to
    fill most of the screen.´╗┐

  2. Jennifer McCumber

    No I don’t think you are a jerk lol. Good question. The answer is YES!
    Absolutely. Giving great customer service is what it’s all about, and men
    want attention and a fantasy experience in clubs of all races. You just
    have to work at a club where they are strict on the no touch policies and
    not cool with the funny business if you know what I mean. And, you have the
    issue of guys not spending as much money per customer in general in urban
    strip clubs. What do you think? XO!

  3. Jennifer McCumber

    Guys guys! Thank you for the complements and believing in the power of
    women! I don’t condone bashing ANYONE (including religious folks) because
    they have a right to their first amendment just like we do. If we bash
    them, that makes us look just as bad as they do when they bash us. Let’s
    keep the peace and keep enjoying American (and worldwide!) entertainment at
    its finest!

  4. dipsypink

    thankyou for the videos you have really helped :) i now am working part
    time to pay off my student fees and a fun way XD

  5. Jennifer McCumber

    @birdyyyful Thank you for thanking me! LOL – you are right on the money.
    The bad strippers ruin it for all of the good ones as far as society
    stigmas are concerned. Knowing your limits and loving yourself goes a long
    way in this profession. It is sad that some girls use the profession to
    fuel their drug habit and yes, you are right. You are also right about
    there being so many positive things that our industry is doing for so many

  6. JasmineGabrielleLove

    I like your channel a lot thank you for this. It’s very educational! This
    was something i plannned to do once i moved put of the nest so it’s your
    channel i will use to prep myself for the world of entertainment!!

  7. godbluffvdgg

    You girls do an important service to the male population. Sadly, some men
    have anger issues with women and abuse you. More often though, it is just
    the attention of a pretty or beautiful women fawning over you that makes
    all the difference… Fuck the Bible; I go to a strip club for salvation :

  8. Jennifer McCumber

    @birdyyyful You’ve got it darlin! That is exactly the right approach. The
    number one thing that dancers MUST realize is that before they can “sell”
    someone, that someone must TRUST them. All of this “wanna dance” business
    doesn’t give the customer time to make that decision! It’s an automatic
    “No!” LOL. The customers translation to “wanna dance” is: they want my
    money, they don’t care about me, they don’t know my name, I am no one to
    them.” Thanks for your comment Birdy!

  9. birdyyyful

    I want to thank you for putting up a positive video about dancing. there is
    so much negativity in this industry and if you are smart about it and seek
    out the right club and know your limits, you won’t feel violated. It is a
    lot of girls that are drug addicted and looking for an easy way to fuel
    their habit and that is when they start comprising their body’s for money
    and doing “other” things than dancing in club- meeting strangers out of
    work etc..big no no!

  10. Jennifer McCumber

    @birdyyyful I would be interested in having you visit our blog and posting
    your story in the “comment” field of the latest post about how women today
    are treating their profession as exotic dancers as a business and a career.
    We need more positive and smart ladies like you working as exotic dancers! ;-)

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